Shipping Agency

More than 50,000 vessels pass through the Malacca/ Singapore Straits each year. Though many of these vessels are not scheduled to call into the port of Singapore, many owners and charterers find it convenient to carry out their crew changes, receive spares and stores and Cash to Master while passing through the Singapore Straits at slow speed at the pre-agreed RV position.

Singapore is also a convenient location for some owners for storage of large marine spares, propellers etc. with delivery carried out when their ships pass OPL Singapore.

Though the available anchorage space at OPL Singapore is limited, some owners/charterers find that with the high charter hire rate, an hour delay in-port can cost thousands of dollars and find OPL services enable them to conduct their day-to-day port call requirement without the need to enter into port water.

This removes the need for going through port entry formalities and offers benefits by way of quicker turnaround and cost savings on port dues, pilotage and other charges. Other owners may prefer to stay at OPL Singapore whilst awaiting orders however.

Whichever the case may be, we at Sinoda can provide the services required in the most timely and cost-effective manner without compromising the safety of personnel, equipment and environment. Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Crew Changes, including arranging visas and entry formalities.
  • Cash To Master
  • Ship spares delivery
  • Supply of fresh provisions, deck and engine stores
  • Bunker co-ordination / supply including arranging bunkers quantity/quality surveys
  • Lube oil supply
  • Deslopping / waste oil removal
  • Debunkering off-specification bunkers
  • Fresh water supply
  • Nitrogen purging and supply of other gasses
  • Gas Carriers
  • Aerial photography
  • Medical evacuation by helicopter/OPL launch
  • Emergency repairs
  • Underwater diving services
  • Floating crane services
  • Emergency tugs /towage in the event of engine failure
  • Malacca Straits pilotage services
  • Ship to Ship transfer operations at Karimun Anchorage / South China Sea

Our office is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

We assure you of a competitive quote and excellent service.

Husbandry Services

A vessel may require much more than simple port agency services when in port. The need often arises for husbandry services, which can sometimes mean the involvement of a different agent to that which is handling the port call. Sinoda can avoid that by providing professional husbandry services at ports and terminals around the world. These services include:

  • Crew handling – meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore pass arrangements, etc.
  • Crew welfare – doctor, dentist, mail, and prepaid telephone calling cards
  • Spares clearance and delivery
  • Inward & outward clearance
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors etc.
  • Bunkers and lubricants
  • Communication assistance

We have excellent relations with suppliers and port & immigration authorities around the world, ensuring that client’s needs are given preference.

Sinoda truly is Your Preferred Partner.